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Business Moving Services Apr 25, 2020

Moving is never easy. Especially if you’re planning a business relocation. Too many things to arrange at one time: decide which items to move, pack working places and goods and still manage to run business successfully. To skip relocation hassles without performance slowdown, it is recommended to hire professional assistance.

MoveMe24 will undertake your relocation
Undoubtedly, business relocation is much more complicated than residential moving. You’ve got not only to find a new place, move all the stuff, but to continue operate smoothly. For sure, it sounds practically impossible. MoveMe24 will be glad to help you with your move.
Our staff are skilled professionals, who use latest innovations combined with a decade of experience. Logistics expertise, advanced supply chain technology & customized moving solutions will help you get the benefits from moving services offered on the market.
We are a team of highly qualified movers who have been operating commercial relocations for 15 years already. We provide business moving in San Francisco as well as all around the Bay Area and California.
We offer our clients with finest white glove moving service at affordable prices. It means MoveMe24 will manage everything connected with your business move - from packing to assembling working places, office appliances, machine tools and other goods. Our punctual movers will delicately wrap either small stationary or massive tools and furniture, load your property in a clean truck and deliver everything right in scheduled time. Our movers will be prepared beforehand and will be equipped with all the necessary supplies to handle the wrapping and packing. No need to worry about anything! Just focus on maintaining your business and enjoy the move!

No problems with paperwork
We know that special attention to documents is vital when working with business. So, MoveMe24 will be glad to provide you with all the necessary paperwork if needed - bills, contract, commercial invoice. Moreover, you can choose any convenient payment options - cash, credit or debit card, cheque. There will never be hidden fees or charges of any kind.

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Attractive price
MoveMe24 understands that when planning a commercial relocation every penny counts. Thus we offer one of the best prices in San Francisco and California - from 99$/hr including insurance! See for yourself by asking for a quote online or calling 4152334233.
Your satisfaction is our top priority! We do our best to provide you with the excellent service and to make your commercial relocation completely stress-free and affordable. We offer flexible rates, best price and discounts for business. MoveMe24’s sales manager will help you find the most convenient and low-cost day and time for your moving in order to cut the expenses.

Plan the move beforehand
Firstly, we recommend to start searching for movers in advance - one or two months before the relocation. More time will obviously give you more options and better prices.
Also to help movers operate more efficient, it is generally advised to prepare the business property. Start with moving inventory. Create a detailed list of all the possessions your office or warehouse has, sort out which items will be taken to a new place and which will be left. Then give this list to our team - MoveMe24 will take only needed goods, assemble and arrange them right the way you want.
Furthermore, think beforehand about possible problem situations such as narrow corridors, doorways or stairs, absence of elevators or lack of access to objects. All these issues can cause real difficulties if movers won’t be prepared to them.
To ease this process for you we provide our customers with superb service - pre-estimate. Our movers will come to your company and estimate your future relocation. Moreover, you can call us via video link and we’ll make an estimate just in 20 minutes! Saves a lot of time! That’s what running business requires, isn’t it? It is absolutely free of charge.
Also we kindly ask you to pull out printer cartridges, fragile equipments’ supplements, etc. Mind that we may not be able to move items weighing more than 300lbs.

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Verified, licensed and insured
When moving business, insurance and license are very important. Company should be properly insured in case of your possessions break or get lost during the move.
Also it is essential to check mover’s license and permission to operate when you’re relocating business. Moving companies who travel out of state must be licensed by the US Government. The US Department of Transportation issues a license that identifies commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce. Moreover, when moving across California, check if the mover is licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services
MoveMe24 is verified, licensed, authorised to operate in California and insured moving company. Our work is insured up to 1 000 000 $: whatever happens, we’ll fix it or make a payment of damages. There is no need to worry about your belongings - they will be fully covered, packed and delivered carefully in time.
Fill in online application and get a moving quote for your move or feel free to call 4152334233 and ask for pre-estimate or detailed information.

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