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How to choose long distance mover?

Long Distance Moving Apr 26, 2020

How to choose long distance mover?
Each year millions of Americans move across the country. Some relocate locally, but more and more people flee the regions and start new life. More than a half of moves in 2019 - 54% - were on long distance.
For the majority of people moving is a very stressful and irritating experience. Especially if you’re planning a long distance move. It certainly requires a lot of time, consideration and effort. Deadlines, plans, hassles, moving arrangements… To cut down expenses, avoid common moving mistakes and not go mad, hire professional assistance. Highly qualified and skilled team will handle all the problems and questions with your long distance move.
To find the company that will make your move satisfying and stress free, follow these useful tips.

License is crucial
Firstly, never forget to check mover’s license and permission to operate on long distances and in the state. Long distance moving companies travelling out of state boundaries must be licensed by the US Department of Transportation. We recommend to check companies’ US Department of Transportation numbers online to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate movers
Moreover, companies should be licensed to operate in California by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services
MoveMe24 is verified, licensed, authorised to operate in California and insured moving company. We provide white glove long distance moving not only within the Golden State, but also in Oregon and Nevada. Fast delivery and careful approach - our priorities!

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Choose local movers
Probably, when planning a long distance move, you may think that hiring a federal company is the best idea. On the contrary - local movers offer superb service at affordable prices in order to gain your trust. A lot of local movers successfully operate intrastate and interstate.
As for MoveMe24, we are a local company from San Francisco that have been moving since 2005. Our highly qualified team has been providing full range of service in the sphere of long distance moving for more than 15 years.
We’ll be glad to help you with your long distance move! Get a quote on our site or call 4152334233 and get a free consultation.

Do a research
To hire a reliable company we advise to do a research by asking the people you know. Very likely some of your relatives, friends, fellows have moved recently. Their delight or warnings can help a lot.
Moreover, try social networks, discussion platforms and rating web-sites.
MoveMe24 has successfully developed a vast customer base that only continues to grow. We have 5-star rates and a lot of great reviews on Furthermore, you can meet our team, see photos and videos of our work and read reviews on our web-site. Continue to sites and see for yourself!

Experience and insurance matter
MoveMe24 is a team of qualified professionals who have been working in San Francisco, all around the Bay Area, California, Oregon and Nevada since 2005.
You can seamlessly rely on us - no chance anything can go wrong! We have been successfully providing superb long distance moving service for 15 years so far.
Our work is properly insured up to 1 000 000$ in case any of your possessions break or get lost during the move. Needless to say, insurance is vital when you’re planning a long distance relocation. With us, all of your goods and property will be fully covered, packed and delivered right in scheduled time.

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Low price
MoveMe24 provides two movers and a truck from 99$/hr including insurance. Isn’t it one of the best offers in California? Request a quote and see for yourself! We’ll help you to find the most convenient and low-cost day and time for your moving in order tosave your money.
You may use any convenient payment options - cash, credit or debit card, cheque. We will provide all the necessary paperwork for you. There will never be hidden fees or charges of any kind, tax and insurance are already included.
Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, assembling furniture, setting up electronics are also included. Moreover, we provide in-home or video estimate in order to calculate the cost of your relocation and foresee problems that can happen while transitioning. It is absolutely free of charge as well!

Fill in online application and get a moving quote for your long distance move on our web-site. Or feel free to call 4152334233 and ask for pre-estimate.

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