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Moving Tips Apr 16, 2020

The number of moving companies consistently rises in California as it has become the most «moving state» in 2019. In a today’s diversity of movers MoveMe24 is glad to offer superb professional moving service. But still at affordable prices.

About us
MoveMe24 is a reliable moving company with a vast experience, established in 2005. Our highly qualified team has been providing full range of service in the sphere of residential, commercial and long distance moving for more than 15 years. MoveMe24 is located in San Francisco and is happy to offer our clients the best transport and moving services not only in the Bay Area, but also all over California. We provide local, long-distance, commercial, senior and military moving.
Our team works to make your relocation as stress-free and as satisfying as possible. Our staff is skilled professionals, who use latest innovations combined with a decade of experience. Logistics expertise, advanced supply chain technology & customized moving solutions will help you get the benefits from moving services offered on the market. MoveMe24 is always ready to undertake all the issues connected with your moving - from pre-estimating the relocation to arranging your furniture.
If you are planning local, long-distance move, commercial , senior or military relocation - fill in online application or feel free to call!

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Attractive price, no traps
We believe in great customer service at affordable prices. MoveMe24 offers our clients one of the best prices in San Francisco and California - from 99$/hr including insurance. See for yourself by asking for a quote online or calling 4152334233.
Additionally, we provide absolutely free video or in-home pre-estimate. We’ll make a video call or our company staff will come to your place and make a visual survey. It will help to foresee and cover possible problems that can happen while moving. Lack of elevator or access to some areas, narrow doorways or stairs may cause some difficulties and movers should be prepared in advance. We guarantee the final price of your relocation won’t be higher than the one we estimated. No extras or hidden fees, tax and insurance are already included in flat rate.

Reliable and licensed
MoveMe24 is verified, licensed, authorised to operate in California and insured moving company. Our work is insured up to 1 000 000 $: no need to worry about anything! Whatever happens, we’ll fix it or make a payment of damages. Your items will be fully covered, packed and delivered carefully in time.
Since we’ve been operating for 15 years so far, we have gained a great customer base that only continues to grow. We make clients' satisfaction our top priority! 5-star rates and a lot of great reviews on prove it! In addition, you can easily meet our team, take a look at photos and videos of our work and learn reviews on our web-site.

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Services we provide
MoveMe24 is glad to provide our clients with first-rate white glove moving service at reasonable prices. Our team will take on all the difficulties and deal with your move all the way through - you won’t even have to be at home on the actual day of the relocation!
We’ll handle everything from start to finish with spacial care. MoveMe24’s staff will come to you prepared and will be equipped with all the necessary supplies to do the wrapping, packing and loading. Our movers will delicately pack all your belongings, from small and fragile to massive and oversized. The staff pays special attention to your goods’ safety: they will cover and protect your property with blankets and special tapes from scratches. Then will load them in a clean truck and ensure nothing will be damaged. We also can assemble and disassemble any type of furniture or set up electronics if needed!
Moreover, our smart route management software helps to reduce delivery time by escaping traffic and road works - be sure, your goods will be delivered right on scheduled time. Plus, you will be able to track your possessions by receiving order status on request.

So, if you are about to move and looking for trustworthy and affordable company - you are on the right track! Get a quote in few easy steps or call 4152334233 for free consultation.

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      The example about the mattress sizing page you mentioned in the last WBF can be a perfect example of new keywords and content, and broadening the funnel as well. I can only imagine the sale numbers if that was the site of a mattress selling company.

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